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Making beautiful things requires quality ingredients: time, creativity, and… bits and bobs. We live in a world which is becoming increasingly aware of its limitations. Concern grows over the environment, pollution, and scarcity of resources. The future is important but Cool Upcycled is not here to preach. It is a platform to share ideas and to show you how you can recycle quality wood, stone, and metal to create beautiful things for your home and garden.  Enjoy.

Latest cool upcycled stuff…

Classic rugby ball and cricket bat

I’m not quite sure this is upcycling. It was my father’s 75th birthday last week and we are due to see him, touch wood, for the first time in ages, so this is in his honour. When my parents downsized, to his bemusement, I nabbed his old rugby ball and cricket bat. My father is…

Artillery shells and dried flowers

I’ve written before about dried flowers being placed in upcycled whisky and milk bottles. One step further are these used artillery shells. They found there way into our house when my parents downsized- I have no idea where they originally came from. For now they contain dried flowers from the garden. I quite like them.

Indian water carriers

I would love to say I found these wondering a market of the world and brought home. In reality we were in a shop full of cool bits and bobs in Southern England. It was love at first site, a slightly rash buy for us, we didn’t know what we would do with them. One…

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