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Making beautiful things requires quality ingredients: time, creativity, and… bits and bobs. We live in a world which is becoming increasingly aware of its limitations. Concern grows over the environment, pollution, and scarcity of resources. The future is important but Cool Upcycled is not here to preach. It is a platform to share ideas and to show you how you can recycle quality wood, stone, and metal to create beautiful things for your home and garden.  Enjoy.

Latest cool upcycled stuff…

Upcycled pine wardrobe

We welcomed a new member to our family a few months ago. After months of debating a jungle animal theme was chosen for the nursery. Creative fun was to follow! Some pine furniture was handed down several times and been saved, on numerous occasions, from the skip. It is actually quite nice, just a bitContinue reading “Upcycled pine wardrobe”

Parquet Dresser

This was one of these epic jobs I wish never to have started. Probably one of the largest. And, I can’t even really remember how, or why, I thought I would try and make this parquet dresser. It began with some reclaimed parquet floor, I had already used some for a small pipe table. ThereContinue reading “Parquet Dresser”

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