Using cool upcycled projects to build your dream home.

Cool upcycled projects for your home…

Wardrobe to toy chest

This upcycle was not made by me- however… it was made out of my wardrobe. I had a pair of wardrobes, one you will have already seen I upcycled one for my son with some basic chalk paint and stickers. The second wardrobe had a much more extreme makeover. I offered to my neighbour, aContinue reading “Wardrobe to toy chest”

Recycled recycling box planter

Over Christmas I found myself at my mother’s and was exploring her garden. I noticed she was using a recycling box to grow some leaks. Amusingly, I also have such a box in my garden. It used to house a cherry tree, this year was used for some courgettes. Mother like son!


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