There are endless bits and bobs available for constructing cool upcycled projects. But how to make the most of these special materials?

How to upcycle…

Recycled recycling box planter

Over Christmas I found myself at my mother’s and was exploring her garden. I noticed she was using a recycling box to grow some leaks. Amusingly, I also have such a box in my garden. It used to house a cherry tree, this year was used for some courgettes. Mother like son!

Broomstick handles

How to upcycle a humble broomstick handle? Not quite recycled, although I imagine you could.  My demands for them are great and I am not quite sure I could source enough recycled.  I buy mine new, around 50, for £25 and use them everywhere.  Often to prop trees, but also as cross supports for structures,Continue reading “Broomstick handles”

Cable reels

Every time I went into Oxford Wood Recycling I always spotted cable reels, and could think of many things to do with them.  The only issue, was how to get them home when you have a small car?  Luckily, Oxford Wood Recycling delivers, so when I needed a large order of wood, I added in aContinue reading “Cable reels”

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is a luxurious treat and an amazing resource for very cool upcycled projects.  It is also a labour of love.  I sourced my blocks from Oxford Wood Recycling and it came from the floor of Bailliol College, Oxford.  Being reclaimed means it is not perfect. Mine came complete with chewing gum.  The backContinue reading “Parquet flooring”


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