There are a community of people making cool upcycled things or willing to provide the materials to help with your next project.

What’s new in the global upcycling community…

Markets around the world

My wife and I are both keen travellers. Having visited over 70 countries, one of our favourite past times is meandering through markets, enjoying the noise, colours and occasionally the smell. These places are bustling with activity. Some countries have specialities, most have food, others zone their markets by theme- such as metals or fabrics.Continue reading “Markets around the world”

Bunker Hill Nursery

We are blessed with eccentric suppliers in Oxfordshire.  Continuing in my thread of supporting and celebrating, Bunker Hill Nursery, is a garden centre with a difference. A winding Aladdin’s cave of a place that offers free coffee.  They recycle anything as a plant pots and you will even find old phone boxes with plants inContinue reading “Bunker Hill Nursery”

Pizza oven course

I had long talked to my wife about wanting a cob pizza oven.  The construction aspect interested me but I was also fascinated by such an ancient style of cooking using natural materials.  Therefore, when my wife bought me a surprise present to attend a course, I was delighted.  We went off for a nightContinue reading “Pizza oven course”

Evenlode DIY

We are incredibly lucky to live just metres from what must be one of the few remaining independent tool shops in the country. An Aladdin’s Cave of timber, tools, gardening stuff, and so much more! A friendly place where you can ask for advice and the team know all the local suppliers. Very handy whenContinue reading “Evenlode DIY”


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