Packing crate garden cushion storage

A problem that has taken longer to resolve— than it should of.  We have a swinging chair, I could not find a store large enough to take the cushions.  I was in oxford wood recycling and saw a packing crate for £25.  It was cool, and just fitted in our VW van.  Once home, it sat for a year.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to use and make watertight and still get access. Back at the Oxford wood recycling I found some old fence feather boards and thought I might be able to build an overhang roof.  I turned the box on the side, hinged the lid so it had a conventual door and added a handle.  The roof sits on, it is removable, the flat surface of the box could be useful for a pizza oven table.  It works nicely for the cushions and does the job.

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