Reclaimed timber garden table

I have written before about my scaffolding garden benches. A pair of scaffolding tables were made at the same time. These were early upcycling creations and their flaws have created rustic charm. When we moved into our new house, my wife was keen for garden furniture, refusing to buy, I set to work with reclaimed fence posts and scaffolding planks.

The structure is pretty simple. Scaffolding planks cut in half lengthways to create a rectangle with the four fence posts screwed into the legs. The table top are four scaffolding boards with plugs to connect. A hole in the middle for the parisole. So simple, surely I couldn’t go wrong?

Firstly, I forgot to take into account the width of the table top, therefore the table is a bit high. Secondly, the top expands and shrinks depending on the weather and this means the plug supports have failed- creating rustic gaps at certain times of the year. This also means it is a bit wobbly. I bought long screws, but not long enough drill bit, later resolved, but there is a definite wobble.

A pair was made, so you could pull together for larger parties. They are so heavy, and wobbly you wouldn’t dare move.

Heaps of character best describes them. I love them, but would make them very differently next time!

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