Tree seeds and guerilla tree planting

I enjoy upcycling, care about the environment, and like being active.  However, I love trees.  Not quite sure why.  They have a quiet beauty, should outlive us, support wildlife and store carbon.  We can build stunning things from them.  A miracle resource.  I love using new (trees) and old wood (Oxford Wood Recycling) in my cool upcycled products.

One of my favorite hobbies requires collecting or buying tree seeds (tree seed online).  I have a special fridge in the shed to help with germination. It might seem a little odd having a fridge just for tree seeds.  My mother was appalled to find little pots of compost, complete with seeds, in our kitchen fridge and gifted me an alternative for Christmas. Thanks Mum.  When these seeds are ready, I transfer them into gradually larger pots.  Then, when they are ready, I take out and plant in the countryside.  Sometimes on walks, other times with friends and family to mark a special occasion. It’s been such fun to plant trees with friends, to mark the birth of their children – a special gift which will grow for many years to come. I also planted a number of my home-grown trees when I renovated the side garden (trees).

Tree seeds do not just need to be planted; they can also be used for decoration in vases.

I call this Guerilla Tree Planting and you can follow some of the trees I’ve planted on my special Instagram page.

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