Raised log beds and planters for vegetables

Clearing the side garden and creating a master plan was also so we could plant an orchard and have raised beds for vegetables.  I wanted to achieve this with minimal waste and cost.  The logs from the clearing presented the ideal boundary for the beds and paths.  I asked the tree surgeon to cut them into similar sized lengths.  He did his best, but this wasn’t always possible.  Carefully crafted maps and plans then went out the window.  Before starting I laid weed matt over the entire area to kill the grass that had grown wild. 

It then became a giant heavy jigsaw.  These beasts needed lugging around until beds were formed.  I ached.  Some were so big I had to use smaller logs as rollers to move them into place.  Ultimate upcycling!

You are probably not surprised to hear that the logs had branches attached. The tree surgeon cut these off and left these chipped on our drive.  In one day, I walked 7 miles on our 20m path, wheelbarrowing those chips to create the path.  Again, recycling the cut-down trees and crafting the garden you see today.

These chips will rot –  I don’t know how long they will last.  I hope the insects enjoy them rotting.  They provide the nice structure we require for the garden.  However, a word of warning… logs are heavy.

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