Fruit tree log arch

Every now and then I have a rash idea. This log fruit tree arch was one. The wood was left over from when I cleared the area, I didn’t follow any great plan. As a good boy scout, I knew how to lash and proceeded to lash to sides together. It had a middle andContinue reading “Fruit tree log arch”

Round log planter side garden

I have used logs for practical raised vegetable beds. I also had some round shaped branches and the idea came to stack them and create a circular raised flower bed.  I staked it with some broomstick handles while it settled.  The planting was lavender and a flowering cherry tree.  The tree grew from an off-shootContinue reading “Round log planter side garden”

Wedding Decorations

I was asked by a friend, with a wonderfully creative eye for detail, to help her with some wedding decorations.  This was due to either my ability to bodge things together, or because she wanted to involve me!  Either way, I was delighted and tasked with a making things for the cake table and theContinue reading “Wedding Decorations”

Raised log beds and planters for vegetables

Clearing the side garden and creating a master plan was also so we could plant an orchard and have raised beds for vegetables.  I wanted to achieve this with minimal waste and cost.  The logs from the clearing presented the ideal boundary for the beds and paths.  I asked the tree surgeon to cut themContinue reading “Raised log beds and planters for vegetables”