Upcycled shower room

When we moved into the house, we had a good-sized WC and one bathroom.  I felt certain we could fit a shower into the room and a plumber kindly helped.  Then I set about personalising the shower room with some upcycled features.

The pipe was used as handles on the cupboard, and the hook for the mirror on the wall.  It was also used for the towel rail, toilet roll holders (floor and wall) and supports for a shelf.  The shelf was a cut, sanded and waxed scaffolding board.  Oddly, the waste pipe for the toilet was set into the concrete floor away from the wall.  The water meter and stop cock for the entire house is also down behind the toilet. This provided an upcycling opportunity, as I made a wooden box to house the cistern and create a feature and useful table to finish the room. It is designed to be easily accessible using dowels.  I think this is quite a cool upcycled project.

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