Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is a luxurious treat and an amazing resource for very cool upcycled projects.  It is also a labour of love.  I sourced my blocks from Oxford Wood Recycling and it came from the floor of Bailliol College, Oxford.  Being reclaimed means it is not perfect. Mine came complete with chewing gum.  The back has tar, a nightmare to remove. You can take off this tar by sanding, cutting or tar remover.  I have yet to bother, my completed furniture comes complete with tar!  I would say this was an intentional design feature, but it is more down to laziness!  For my dresser, I just put a sheet of plyboard over the tar, with the plan of painting a funky colour or gluing on a map.

There are many endless patterns to be used with parquet flooring.  From the traditional herring bone design to anything under the sun.  The more adventurous the pattern, the more you might waste through cutting the blocks to fit the pattern. It is quite rewarding playing with the jigsaw puzzle.

I have so far made two pieces of furniture, a cupboard sideboard and a pipe side table.  Both different styles of patterns and both far from perfect.  The blocks have two holes in each sides and one hole in the end and can be connected with dowels and glued together.  Once you have your flat surface glued it can be sanded into place.

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