We had designed a pretty cool bathroom with lovely tiles and a big shower.  However, it was basically a white box and needed some touches to make it interesting.  There was a lot of upcycling involved.

First to come was a nautical rope to surround the mirror.  Which went nicely with an antique ships wheel we had sourced.

I removed the metal handles form our sink drawers and using wood from the garden I crafted handles. 

The same wood was used to make a toilet roll holder and towel rail.

We had a horrible white bath panel, I found some cheap flooring at B&Q and glued onto the bath panel to give a rustic wood feel.  I really wanted to use real wood, but felt I might regret with the water.

The final touch was some yew boards from my favourite oxford wood recycling.  A lot of sanding, some cutting and I made a window sill and a small floating shelf.  Plants are a big feature of our house, some candle bowls, left over from our wedding, were filled with plants and left over tiles used as coasters.  I also used a piece of wood from the garden, cut and sanded for some air plants.

Lots of little upcycling and recycling brought together for a very unique bathroom.

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