Round garden table

I really like these cable reels and could make endless things from them. On this occasion I sourced one from Oxford Wood Recycling along with an old fence post and some scaffolding planks. I cut the planks to size to make the leg supports, the fence post was the one leg and screwed into place. Continue reading “Round garden table”

How to make a cob pizza oven

Having completed my Pizza Oven Course I knew how to make a cob oven.  The real problems related to logistics.  This wasn’t a minor undertaking when you work a full-time job and have a small car.  Why? Well, just the pizza oven required 200kg of clay, 500kg of sand and 30 driveway red paving blocksContinue reading “How to make a cob pizza oven”

Oxford Wood Recycling

Some people love clothes shopping or visiting John Lewis.  I love wood stores, and I particularly love Oxford Wood Recycling.  A charity that collects old wood and sells it on.  Sometimes refurbing a little, but mostly leaving it to your own devices.  They have large stocks of your usual stuff like cable reels, pallets, doors,Continue reading “Oxford Wood Recycling”