Upcycled pipe and scaffolding plank coffee table

My very first upcycling project, and still one of my coolest.  Also, one of the rewarding items to make.  If you are starting out with upcycling and want to use scaffolding planks and pipes, then start with this one.

What you need are three one metre lengths of similar scaffolding planks.  If you cut from the same large plank they will match.  Put on a face mask and goggles, and sand the wood.  The top two planks are connected by three wooden dowels. I have written before about how to work with scaffolding planks.

Then you require the pipe. In this table I used ten flanges (these are the round plates you screw a pipe into and screw to wall or wood), eight 200mm lengths and four 100mm lengths and finally six t-joints.  I can’t remember the exact width of pipe, but it looks like 30mm.  Remember, as per my guide to working with pipe, put on gloves and clean the pipe with white spirit before starting.  The pipe is what makes this table valuable.

Screw the pipe together and use some black screws to attach the flange to the scaffolding pipes. Some sticky felt pads on the feet mean you do not scratch any wooden floors or delicate surfaces.  Finish with a clear Finnes and Son wax.  One cool upcycled pipe and scaffolding coffee table.

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