Utility room dresser

Scaffolding plank dresser and shelving (www.coolupycled.com)

This was a big job. We have a utility room and it had a lot of dead space with a drain box, freezer, radiator and window.  You couldn’t buy something to fit – the only solution was to make something bespoke! Just so happens I know a man who likes making things! There was a kind of plan, but most was made up as I went along— too many dimensions to process. Especially working around a window frame and radiator. Lots of scaffolding boards were involved. The back upright had two large 4m planks.  These were attached with smaller planks and screwed in with some offcuts, cut to size with a circular saw.

The doors to the dresser were glued together with dowels, bought black hinges and wood chiseled to fit them in.  The magnetic catch and handles are from Amazon.  The red door was bought complete from B&Q as sadly I couldn’t source the wood for cheaper!  I had to cut the bottom off to allow for the skirting board and door to open.  The top behind the freezer creates a neat shelf.  It is boxed in with some 4m planks.  Once made, I realised the handle for the freezer got in the way, so I made a wooden hinged handle myself to fit onto the freezer.

It is an exceptionally practical large piece of furniture, but I love it.  Rustic shabby chic and very original.

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