Artillery shells and dried flowers

I’ve written before about dried flowers being placed in upcycled whisky and milk bottles. One step further are these used artillery shells. They found there way into our house when my parents downsized- I have no idea where they originally came from. For now they contain dried flowers from the garden. I quite like them.

Losing your marbles?

Not much time to make things with a seven month old baby filling the hours. Appropriately, this week’s upcycle involves the marbles from my childhood. Placed in a vase, they make a nice ornament in our bedroom. Shame they are a horrendous dust trap. Might be a few years until it’s safe for the babyContinue reading “Losing your marbles?”

Milk and whisky bottle vases with dried flowers from the garden

A lot of what I make is furniture, but not all cool upcycled stuff needs to be so large or practical.  Things can be made for their beauty. I often look at glass as a wonder product— made from sand and easily recycled.  But can it also be upcycled? Two things I consume and oftenContinue reading “Milk and whisky bottle vases with dried flowers from the garden”