Pallet compost bins

I like using recycled pallets to make things for the house and garden. These four compost bins were made using the sturdier euro pallets.  I dug a square trench, lined with recycled plastic sheet to try and prevent rotting, inserted holes for drainage, and after coating in some leftover fence paint, I placed the pallets in place. To provide stability I placed small stones in the trenches after to provide stability. On the inside of the four-sided enclosure, I lined with weed membrane to allow for drainage, but to stop compost falling into the pallet and rotting.

I started filling the bins from the right in year one, and moved to the left in subsequent years.  To retain the heat, I covered with some packing from a fridge I received, and the door of an old shed.  One thing I couldn’t upcycle, but at least I didn’t buy, as they came with the house, were the plastic compost bins.  These help with keeping the heat high and provide a bit more security for vegetable waste, which can attract vermin.

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