Socket protector wooden box

We are expecting our first baby in a couple of months.  As you would expect from a house full of homemade things, my wife and my mother, have concerns about babies crawling around.  One passing comment from my wife were the multitap adaptors used for TV, lights etc. that we seem to have in nearly every room.

Not missing a chance to upcycle and make something, I used the medium and small sized wood from a pallet to make a small, open-ended box structure, sanded and screwed together, with gaps at the end for cables to go in and out. At some point I had bought a large pack of small hinges and catches – perfect for small projects such as this. 

A new technique to my upcycling skills included experimenting with stencils and chalk paint.  I had used chalk paint on some cupboard doors but not in this way.  My wife was dubious about the use of stencils in the house, so I thought this might be a harmless prototype to stimulate future ideas.

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