Reclaimed hardwood and pipe side tables

Reclaimed hardwood and pipe side tables (

One grand plan abandoned led to another much simpler and quite good looking piece.  I acquired from Oxford Wood Recycling some narrow hardwood planks. That project never came into being. Meanwhile, some misadventure when make a parquet pipe table resulted in some leftover black pipe.  We had also acquired a low sofa bed in the spare bedroom/ second sitting room.

The resulting creation was two different height, similar, but unique low tables.  Perfect as drinks tables or bedside tables.  The very shabby wood surface is stunning and they are two of my favourite upcycled builds.  The planks are connected with some dowels and screwed into the pipe.

Table one

No idea what this wood was recycled from, and no idea what kind of hardwood it is – slats from a single bed maybe?

Table two

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