Scaffolding woodstore

After taming my side garden, I had wood and logs coming out of my ears. Quick and cheap wood stores were required and my trusted recycled scaffolding planks came to good use yet again. This smaller store is close to my side door and perfect for nipping out in a cold night to grab logs.Continue reading “Scaffolding woodstore”

Drainpipe planters

Not everything needs much work.  A great upcycle is using old drainpipe as planters.  I have used both recycled offcuts and bought drain specially for growing strawberries, micro salad and garlic. Both in my greenhouse and outside. Most are watered by a solar pump connected to an old olive barrel.  Some have proper ends toContinue reading “Drainpipe planters”

Fruit tree log arch

Every now and then I have a rash idea. This log fruit tree arch was one. The wood was left over from when I cleared the area, I didn’t follow any great plan. As a good boy scout, I knew how to lash and proceeded to lash to sides together. It had a middle andContinue reading “Fruit tree log arch”

Pallet bird house

Last summer I set off to clean the shed and somehow found myself making a bird house. Not the first time I have been distracted from cleaning my hobby workspace. The bird house was a simple design of six small lengths of pallet wood screwed into place.  Once the front and back facing pieces hadContinue reading “Pallet bird house”

Scaffolding and fence post garden bench

Scaffolding and fence post garden bench When we moved in my wife threatened buying garden furniture.  I refused to entertain the notion and quickly set to work making a table and benches.  The benches are four reclaimed fence posts for legs and one metre of scaffolding plank to sit on. There are dowels screwed intoContinue reading “Scaffolding and fence post garden bench”

Round garden table

I really like these cable reels and could make endless things from them. On this occasion I sourced one from Oxford Wood Recycling along with an old fence post and some scaffolding planks. I cut the planks to size to make the leg supports, the fence post was the one leg and screwed into place. Continue reading “Round garden table”

Mother’s jam pan vegetable basket

It’s Mother’s Day and only fitting to show one of my favourite household/ garden items that I have found another use for. I actually have both my mother’s and grandmother’s jam pans. My grandmother’s is a stunning brass affair found in my hall. My mother’s, shown in picture, has found a more practical use andContinue reading “Mother’s jam pan vegetable basket”