Upcycled shower room

When we moved into the house, we had a good-sized WC and one bathroom.  I felt certain we could fit a shower into the room and a plumber kindly helped.  Then I set about personalising the shower room with some upcycled features. The pipe was used as handles on the cupboard, and the hook for theContinue reading “Upcycled shower room”

How to use pallets for upcycling

Upcycling pallets is probably one of the most ‘in’ things just now.  Sometimes you can tell things started life as a pallet, but often they are just used for their wood.  A bit like scaffolding planks they are very versatile.  Easier to maneuver, but not as strong, they require more work to prepare.  You canContinue reading “How to use pallets for upcycling”

Upcycled pipe and scaffolding plank coffee table

My very first upcycling project, and still one of my coolest.  Also, one of the rewarding items to make.  If you are starting out with upcycling and want to use scaffolding planks and pipes, then start with this one. What you need are three one metre lengths of similar scaffolding planks.  If you cut fromContinue reading “Upcycled pipe and scaffolding plank coffee table”

Oxford Wood Recycling

Some people love clothes shopping or visiting John Lewis.  I love wood stores, and I particularly love Oxford Wood Recycling.  A charity that collects old wood and sells it on.  Sometimes refurbing a little, but mostly leaving it to your own devices.  They have large stocks of your usual stuff like cable reels, pallets, doors,Continue reading “Oxford Wood Recycling”

Tree seeds and guerilla tree planting

I enjoy upcycling, care about the environment, and like being active.  However, I love trees.  Not quite sure why.  They have a quiet beauty, should outlive us, support wildlife and store carbon.  We can build stunning things from them.  A miracle resource.  I love using new (trees) and old wood (Oxford Wood Recycling) in myContinue reading “Tree seeds and guerilla tree planting”

Raised log beds and planters for vegetables

Clearing the side garden and creating a master plan was also so we could plant an orchard and have raised beds for vegetables.  I wanted to achieve this with minimal waste and cost.  The logs from the clearing presented the ideal boundary for the beds and paths.  I asked the tree surgeon to cut themContinue reading “Raised log beds and planters for vegetables”

Milk and whisky bottle vases with dried flowers from the garden

A lot of what I make is furniture, but not all cool upcycled stuff needs to be so large or practical.  Things can be made for their beauty. I often look at glass as a wonder product— made from sand and easily recycled.  But can it also be upcycled? Two things I consume and oftenContinue reading “Milk and whisky bottle vases with dried flowers from the garden”